Manson High School Class of 1966
Archival UltraChrome Prints
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Carolyn Miller, Chris Sargo, Pamela Barkley, Keith Carpenter, Mary Lou Gores, Gordon Gallagher, Susie Weaver, Kenneth Lowther, Jeannine Skeen, Sam Trent, Janice Courtway, Bing Debar, Linda Crowder, Warren McCasland, Maxine Tackitt
Wallace Ginter, Nancy Smith, Marvin Jeffries, Donna Pace, Dale Smith, Ramona Debar, Larry Hibbard, Sharon Nold, Wesley Morris, Joan Peters, Dwight Collins, Jenece Morrow, Harold Peebles, Vicki Armbruster, Allen Steele
Jimmy Gilbert, Noreen Warehouse, Brian Fusion, Suzanne Woods, Pete Shaw, Rachel Venneberg, Michael Brown