A lot of people go into business after they retire, expanding their hobbies into full-time enterprises.

After 25 years of work at Grand Coulee Dam, Dennis retired from the position he enjoyed most; a Power Plant & Outage Dispatcher. Although he enjoyed all his jobs at Grand Coulee, he was particularly pleased to be an outage dispatcher, “helping make it safe for workers to work.”

When Dennis retired, he, like many others, started a new business. But in becoming “The Frame King”, Dennis emphasizes to customers how important conservation framing is for unique items. Your grandparent's wedding certificate for instance, is not the front page of a newspaper, available in several archives and libraries. It’s the only one in the world, and well worth preserving for future generations.

Dennis found that retirement offered enough free time to do more than just run a framing business. So with an old but worthy Pentax K1000 camera given to him by his brother Ron King , he began dabbling with photography. His photo of a sunset behind Steamboat Rock took first place in a photography competition in Wenatchee – the only photo contest Dennis has ever entered. He has since upgraded his equipment several times, now enjoying shooting with Nikon 7200, a high-resolution professional digital camera.

“I don’t consider it art,” he says with a shrug. “I’m just working with what’s already there.”

His modest opinion of his work is not shared by others. Gene Barkley, who first got Dennis interested in framing, has made several of Dennis' landscape and wildlife photographs into pointillist oil painting. His brother Ron King , a well-known photographer and computer artist, has also turned many of his photographs into computer paintings.

Dennis does all of the printing for the Lake Chelan Historical Society and is digitizing all of the Museums photos. Stage Stop Antiques in Chelan also uses Dennis for all of their printing. He also printed the photos of Manson for the coffee shop in the Manson Bay Market. Dennis just finished framing around 160 photos for the brand new Coulee Medical Center Hospital in Grand Coulee, including many of his own photos and also historical photos he has collected over the years.

The grandchild of pioneering homesteaders and orchardists, Dennis is a native of Manson. He came to work at Grand Coulee Dam after 2½ years at Boeing, managing an orchard, and working with agricultural chemical businesses and helicopter pilots.

Dennis and Sandra, his wife of more than 56 years, have lived in the same house in Coulee Dam for 45 years. Their son, daughter, five grandchildren and three great granddaughter and they live in the Spokane Valley and Vancouver, Washington, near enough that the family can get together easily.